While you are bearing severe hip pain from arthritis, it’s obvious that climbing and bending can become difficult. Moreover, walking will be tough that will surely make everything worse. Thankfully, from such muscle strains to arthritis and inflammatory disorders, all of these causes of hip pain are rectified. Thomas Gehrmann a Chiropractor from Colorado Springs, says one can restore mobility and get ease from hip pain even with daily working out.

Thomas Gehrmann have underlined some simple, no-cost ways to relieve hip pain:

1. Using Heat for Arthritis

heating hip joint

One way of getting comfort from hip pain is by heating up the arthritic hip joint. You can do this easily by taking a bath or a hot shower that can soothe your joints. But, never apply much heat, if the pain is due to bursitis. It is the inflammation of the joint lining, on which heat can make inflammation worse. It is easily cured just by warming up the joints with low heat.

2. Regular Exercise to avoid hip pain

hip pain exercises

According to Colorado Springs Chiropractor Thomas Gehrmann, daily workout is a way of getting the muscles working, engaged and activated that will help in their proper alignment. One can go for Buttocks off exercise that proves best for relieving hip pain and relaxes the body. Start with lying on the back with feet flat on the floor and hip-width apart. Now, press down your ankles and raise the buttocks off the floor and hold this position from five to seven seconds. It usually starts with a set of ten and builds up to three sets.

3. Stretching to avoid hip pain

stretching to avoid hip pain

Stretching here refers to kneeling on the leg that causes hip pain or carrying on to something bulky for balance. It can get one relief by stretching up to the hip muscles and comfort the pain from bursitis. Lean away from the side of the hip that is paining and stretch from the top to the knee and relax. Try holding the stretch for about 20 seconds and repeat it in four to five sets.

Doing this can instantly ease hip pain and get you in a correct posture, said by Thomas Gehrmann.

4. Avoid Heavy Workout

avoid heavy workout

Exercising can definitely help to cure hip pain, but one should opt for a lighter one. A little movement is needed to restore the misaligned or fix the pain. Thomas Gehrmann suggests, to avoid downhill running, jumping or kickboxing as it may make your arthritis issues worse. It is advisable to start with jogging, stationary bikes, and slow moves. Also, when you feel ease in pain, automatically the length of the workouts increases.

5. Strengthen Inner & Outer Thighs

stretching thighs

Both the inner and outer thighs are another muscle group that will help to support the hips. In case of arthritis, work on building the muscles in outer thigh that will add support. Lie on one side while lifting the leg and hold it for 3-4 seconds and then lower it. Make one set of 15 repetitions and slowly try increasing it to 4-5 sets. Surely this will help to fix the hip pain from bursitis. Moreover, it will help in protecting cushioning in the joints and makes your joints inflamed.

Wrapping Up

These are the simple and basic techniques one can try for getting relief from hip pain. According to Thomas Gehrmann, easy exercises including stretching and strengthening inner and outer thighs will help you a lot in reducing your ache.

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